BlueZoo Counting Software License
BlueZoo Counting Software License
BlueZoo Counting Software License

BlueZoo Counting Software License

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BlueZoo Count is an advanced foot traffic analytics solution that provides detailed insights into visitor behavior using Wi-Fi sensor technology. This system is designed to measure and analyze the presence and movement of people within a space by detecting mobile phone signals. Here’s a more detailed description:

Key Features

1. Real-Time Visitor Measurement:
- BlueZoo Count uses sensors that detect mobile phone Wi-Fi probes multiple times per minute. This ensures real-time accuracy in counting the number of visitors present at any given moment.

2. Visit Aggregation:
- The system differentiates between the number of visitors currently in the space and the total number of visits over a period. This is crucial because while the number of visitors at a given time is equal to the number of visits underway, the total number of visits during a day is generally much higher due to repeated entries and exits by individuals.

3. Historical Data Recording:
- BlueZoo Count records the number of visitors, visits begun, and visits ended in 15-minute intervals. This historical data is stored in a cloud-based data warehouse, allowing for detailed analysis and pattern recognition over time.

4. Detailed Reporting:
- For every 15-minute period, the system reports:
- The number of visits begun
- The number of visits ended
- The maximum number of visitors
- The minimum number of visitors
- The average number of visitors
- These metrics help businesses understand peak times, manage crowd control, and optimize staffing levels.

5. Advanced Analytics:
- In addition to basic visitor counting, BlueZoo Count offers advanced analytics, such as:
- Dwell Time: Measures how long visitors stay within the space.
- Unique Visitors: Counts individual visitors only once within a specified time span, providing insights into repeat visits.
- Visit Frequency: Tracks how often visitors return, which is useful for understanding customer loyalty and behavior.

6. Privacy and Compliance:
- BlueZoo Count is designed with privacy in mind, complying with GDPR and other stringent privacy regulations. It uses anonymized data, ensuring that no personal information is collected or stored, only the presence of mobile phones as proxies for visitors.


- Retail: Helps store managers optimize staff scheduling, manage inventory based on foot traffic, and improve customer service by understanding peak shopping times.
- Advertising: Measures campaign effectiveness by tracking the number of visitors exposed to advertisements and their subsequent behavior.
- Universities and Large Venues: Assists in managing crowd control, especially during events, and ensures compliance with safety regulations by monitoring real-time occupancy.

Implementation and Benefits

- Easy Installation: The system is easy to install, requiring minimal technical knowledge. Sensors can be integrated into existing infrastructures, such as digital signage or monitoring systems.
- Cost-Efficiency: By automating visitor counting, businesses can reduce the need for manual counting, thereby saving on labor costs and improving accuracy.
- Enhanced Decision-Making: Access to detailed and real-time data enables businesses to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

BlueZoo Count is a powerful tool for any organization looking to gain deeper insights into visitor behavior and optimize their operations based on accurate, real-time data.