White Rhino Count by BlueFox Audience Measurement Sensor

White Rhino Count by BlueFox Audience Measurement Sensor

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BlueFox White Rhino counts mobile phones as a proxy for counting people. The BlueFox mission is to understand the presence and movement of people in a space so that businesses can make better decisions.  We do this in advertising, hospitality, retail, real estate, education, and insurance industries.

We’re different because we care about both, measuring foot traffic, and about consumer privacy. Businesses prefer our solutions because we’re inexpensive to install, highly accurate, and offer easy-to-use analytics. Consumers prefer our solutions because we do not collect any personal information, other than the MAC address of your cell phone, which is fully anonymized within minutes.

The White Rhino Sensor has Cellular / Ethernet / Wi-Fi / PoE Setup connections.

Product Features:

  • Real-time occupancy count.

  • Visit count.

  • Downloadable data.