media mea LLC



media mea llc is a Digital Signage development firm, specializing in the fabrication and customization of Indoor and Outdoor Interactive Digital Signage displays and Audience Engagement and Measurement Tools. media mea is based out of Atlanta, GA. media mea operates also out of Irvine, CA for sales and development responsibilities within the Western U.S. and Latin America. Our London, U.K. operations are responsible for Sales and Marketing for the United Kingdom, Ireland and the European continent with an office also in Paris, France overlooking all sales operations in France and all Global French-speaking countries. media mea has two other offices in the Middle East, a support office in Beirut, Lebanon reporting to the Sales and Development office in Dubai, U.A.E. Our operation in Hong Kong is responsible for fabrication and assembly and it is also fully equipped with a support and logistics response team ready to answer to any global support related issues along with its branch office in Sidney, Australia. media mea has two other fabrication sites other than Hong Kong, one in Columbia, SC, USA and the other in Incheon, Korea.

Our partners and distributors are spread throughout the globe, which guarantees our clients a total satisfaction and quality service. In parallel, media mea assists its clients in displaying their content and creativity by targeting the right audience with our suitable indoor and outdoor interactive audience engagement tools and solutions. Our clients enjoy 24/7 customer support that ensures great ongoing media mea quality and service.