MEAD 2-S LED Taxi Rooftop Digital Signage Display
MEAD 2-S LED Taxi Rooftop Digital Signage Display
MEAD 2-S LED Taxi Rooftop Digital Signage Display

MEAD 2-S LED Taxi Rooftop Digital Signage Display

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Taxi Rooftop Digital Signs provide an exceptional platform for advertising, capturing attention with messages tailored to specific market sectors. These advertisements effectively boost sales and enhance brand awareness for the advertiser’s products or services.

Introducing the MEAD 2-S, featuring an advanced LED P2.5 display with 3000 nits brightness. This high-resolution screen offers superior image clarity and brightness, ensuring visibility even in various lighting conditions. The MEAD 2-S boasts a special enclosure design that mimics its sister model, the MEAD-L 43, providing enhanced durability and weather resistance.

The display is linked to a main server that seamlessly receives content updates via its embedded Android player. Connectivity is maintained through a robust wireless 4G or 5G connection, complemented by a GPS tracking module that ensures accurate location-based content delivery.

Key Technical Specifications of the MEAD 2-S LED P2.5 Display:

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm

Brightness: 3000 nits

Resolution: High-definition with a finer pixel density for sharper visuals

Connectivity: Embedded Android player, 4G/5G wireless communication

GPS Module: Ensures precise tracking and targeted content delivery

Durability: Special enclosure design similar to MEAD-L 43 for reliable performance in various conditions

Our illuminated, two-sided LED taxi rooftop digital sign presents a lucrative opportunity for taxi company entrepreneurs aiming to enter the advertising market and generate additional revenue for their fleet. The installation and removal process is straightforward, supported by our 24-hour live assistance, ensuring a smooth experience for users.

With its cutting-edge technology and ease of use, the MEAD 2-S LED P2.5 display sets a new standard in taxi rooftop advertising, offering unparalleled visibility and impact.

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