MEXi 10" In-Vehicle Headrest Digital Screen Ad
MEXi 10" In-Vehicle Headrest Digital Screen Ad

MEXi 10" In-Vehicle Headrest Digital Screen Ad

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MEXi In-Vehicle Digital Screen Ad will certainly help you succeed whether you are looking for a new way to market your ride-share business or generate additional revenue for your existing‪business including the option of capturing Audience Measurement. ‬

  • Amplifying messages on-screen
  • Geo-targeted pop-up ads
  • Retargeting passengers post-ride
  • Couponing and local offers
  • Brand App user data - Third data through BoardActive
  • Retargeting passengers post-ride
  • In app advertising
  • Taxi TV Plays Video From Pick Up to Drop Off
  • Customize Creative For Precise Audiences
  • Promote Your Special Events on the MEXi

MEXi Dwell Time

The Taxi Media Content provided in the MEXi screen will provide a venue where you can reach your target demographic in an environment that is physically captive and for an average of 20 minutes.

  • Billboards = 4 Sec
  • Newspapers = 30 Sec
  • Bathroom Signage = 45 Sec - 1 Min
  • Elevator Signage = 1 - 1.5 Min
  • Taxi Signage = 15 - 30 minutes

Technical Specification

The MEXi 10.1” IPS Capacitive Touch Screen, carries a 1280 x 800 pixels screen with a full Viewing Angle / Amlogic chip. It is equipped with the latest Android O.S, Quad Core ARM Cortex A-9, Real 2GHz, 2G DDR3, 8GB flash / SD & supports two USB slots (The front USB is for mobile phone charging purpose) / Equipped with Wi-Fi, 500M Front Camera, Built-in 2 speakers, supports 1080P video program, wide APK application and 30min standby mode when car engine is off.

MEXi In-Vehicle Digital Screen Ad offers the option of Audience Measurement with its built-in cam integrated with AdMobilize Facial Detection software solution. During the passenger’s journey ride, AdMobilize captures the passenger’s facial reactions to the content being displayed on the MEXi even if the passenger has a face mask on.