STRATOS Inspire Virtual Touch
STRATOS Inspire Virtual Touch
STRATOS Inspire Virtual Touch
STRATOS Inspire Virtual Touch

STRATOS Inspire Virtual Touch

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STRATOS Inspire tracks users’ hands using the world-leading Leap Motion Controller, and projects tactile effects onto them using ultrasound. It is designed for simple integration into customer applications and can be retro-fitted to existing concepts or hardware.

The simplest type of effect is a single pressure point measuring as little as 8.6mm in diameter. With a 40kHz refresh rate, pressure points are then moved very rapidly in 3D space to create a variety of tactile effects in mid-air.  

STRATOS Inspire comes with plug-and-play haptic demos included and a Sensation Editor tool allowing visualization of haptic sensations. A software development kit for C# and C++ together with our Unity plugin enable easy integration into existing workflows. 

Key Features

  • Haptic interaction zone: Ideal interaction zone approx.: 63cm d x 48cm h x 48cm w (25” d x 19” h x 19” w) Maximum interaction zone approx.: 70cm d x 56cm h x 56cm w (28” d x 22” h x 22” w)
  • Product dimensions: 188mm L x 430mm W x 54mm H 
  • Power supply: 24V DC +/- 10%, 3.75A max. 
  • Data connection: USB Type C connector
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, CAN ICES-3, REACH, RoHS
  • Ingress protection: IP4X, splash-proof
  • Mounting methods: VESA 100×100mm mount and desk stand included. May be mounted using a connector mount, slung under a digital display, wall or cabinet mounted, mounted to monitor stand or desktop, part-recessed into a cabinet, or mounted on a desk or other flat surface
  • System requirements: Minimum: Intel Core i3; AMD Phenom II with 2GB RAM and USB 2.0 port. Recommended: Intel Core i5/i7 or AMD Ryzen with 4GB RAM, USB 2.0 and dedicated graphics processor
  • Compatible operating systems: Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10), Apple MacOS (10.10 onwards), Ubuntu, Linux 16.04 LTS or later. NOTE: Most mid-air haptics demos support only Microsoft Windows. Please check with Ultraleap if unsure.
  • Software Development Kit: C++, C# API. Plug-and-play haptic demo suite also included. 
  • Sensation Editor tool: Rapidly evaluate and experiment with mid-air haptic sensations 
  • Plugins and integrations: Unity.

Created for:

  • Deployable plug-and-play haptic module that uses “virtual touch” ultrasound technology to create the sensation of touch in mid-air 
  • For brands, creative agencies, digital out-of-home network operators and VR experience developers seeking to create unique, engaging, and memorable immersive content
  • Ideal for experiential marketing, digital out-of-home installations, museums, theme parks and VR arcades
  • Create virtual buttons and sliders, and immersive sensations such as lightning, fireballs, ghosts, clouds, bubbles, and force fields.